Try for Peace

September 21 is World Peace Day

Who will you make peace with?


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What is #TryForPeace?

#TryforPeace is a new initiative formally integrated into Peace One Day – a global day of peace which last year incorporated over 470 million people. This year, we are harnessing the Spirit of Rugby to enrich this global day of peace on September 21. Rugby communities throughout the world will use the game of rugby to commemorate the day and each Try for Peace match celebrates the mutual respect, cooperation and power of rugby to unite the world!

Why should you get involved?

We are proud of the core rugby values that make up the Spirit of Rugby and we know you are too! Let’s showcase these values together and become part of this global movement in the lead up to September 21. Use the day to help educate and motivate your young players and community around the important role sport can play in a peaceful world – remember that peace starts with individual action, and your actions will inspire others! Not only will you make a difference in the global community, you also have an amazing opportunity to promote your program or club by building awareness and credibility. All participants who showcase their games and messages online using the hashtags below, will be recognized by PeaceOneDay.

Here’s how!

There are a number of ways to get involved. Pick whichever works for you:
  1. Show the love, post-match: Many of you will be playing a rugby match in the weeks leading up to World Peace Day on September 21 so to commemorate and help promote this global day of peace we want you to take a photo after the match shaking hands or arm in arm with your opposite number. If possible, hold up a sign as detailed below.
  2. Organize a TryforPeace match: Those who have the ability to organize or participate in a match for peace on September 21 should do the same as above – ask every player to take a #tryforpeace photo to symbolize making peace with your opponent and then share with us! Register your event and have it recognized on the PeaceOneDay website & reports.
  3. Post a message: If you are unable to play a match simply answer one of these three questions: Who will you make peace with? What does peace mean to you? How does rugby promote peace? Post using the social media guidelines below.
  4. Learn & Teach about Peace (for teachers / youth coaches / parents):


September 21 is World Peace Day
 Who will you make peace with?
Social Media Guidelines: Post photos on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using hashtag #tryforpeace. Make sure you tag us so we can share too!

Let’s reshape the world one Try at a time.



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