Asia Center Foundation


Asia Center Foundation is a local Christian NGO, working on the island of Phuket for the past 10 years. The mission of the organization is to reach out to disadvantaged and children-at-risk with education, healthcare and sport opportunities to create hope for their futures. Due to the increase in drug related problems, gangs, pornography and hours spend in internet cafes by primary age students, ACF partnered with the Strategic Sports (Phuket Vagabonds Rugby) in an attempt to provide young kids with more healthy options to spend their free time. In 2009 the Youth Rugby Development program was started for children between ages 8 -18. ACF hopes to change lives through the game of rugby by identifying and developing leadership qualities in children from disadvantaged families, provide children with the necessary skills for rugby so they can develop their natural sporting talents and abilities as well as understand that sport can benefit their lives positively, identify children with talent from poor families and to provide the necessary assistance so they can continue their education, and provide emotional support, encouragement and guidance that children from difficult family circumstances most often need to succeed. Read more.

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Contact: Roelien Muller