Celebrate Mandela Day with us!

We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to participate in a global movement next Friday July 18th

Nelson Mandela International Day!

Kweku Letter
We’ve had the honor of working with Mr. Mandela’s grandson, Kweku, who has personally invited the members of the Global Rugby Collaborative to participate in representing his grandfather by organizing and sharing Mandela Day themed events. All GRC members running youth programming during the week of July 18th are invited to represent Nelson Mandela by playing rugby and documenting the event to share on Facebook.

Please join us now!

#rugby #GRC

#MandelaDay #time2serve

To represent Nelson Mandela on this day you might have your kids play rugby for 67 minutes (in honor of his 67 years of service) and a classroom session to learn more about Mandela, or you might organize a community service project. Or create your own “Rugby / 67” themed project and let us know your ideas. However you choose to celebrate Mandela Day we want to hear about it! Take photos or videos and share them with us on Facebook with the hashtags #GRC #MandelaDay #time2serve #rugby. Remember that even if you don’t have programming on Friday July 18th you can still make everyday a Mandela day and share it with us!

To officially take part in Mandela Day:

1. Register with Mandela Day by creating an account HERE

2. Once you’ve created an account you can then register your event for the day HERE

3. Run your Mandela Day event and make sure to take photos and videos and share them on your own Facebook pages as well as the GRC page using the hashtags #GRC #MandelaDay #time2serve #rugby

We hope that you’re able to participate in this inspirational day uniting people in the service of others and the power of good.


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