Member of the Month – The Jungle Crows Foundation

A warm welcome to our February Member of the Month, The Jungle Crows Foundation! This NGO operates as a Charitable Trust in India and focuses on both traditional and social education outcomes through sport.

Jungle Crows coverphoto

Led by their belief in the values of Passion, Integrity and Commitment, the Jungle Crows believe sport has the potential to teach important life lessons and provides so many benefits to children that it should be practiced as often as possible! The Jungle Crows also recognize the importance of access to education so they support young people who play and train with them in a more formal way through scholarships and grants.


The Jungle Crows Foundation is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! In May 2004 the Jungle Crows rugby team was founded by three friends who fancied having a game of rugby in Kolkata. John, Gary and Paul went on to train and recruit players and while their story might have ended there with a bit of a laugh, they were destined for greater things. More players joined and they soon found that while playing and training was fun there was potential to achieve much more through the sport. And so the Foundation was born! The Jungle Crows Foundation now offers structured activities, positive mentors, educational support, vocational training and social education around key issues for Indian children including road safety, healthy hygiene practices and mosquito safety. Their ambition is to expand and give every child access to these services and have the chance to play rugby and have a friend and mentor support them growing up. 

They’ve now expanded their reach with the Khelo Rugby and Khelo Netball projects. Khelo is taking sport opportunities to socially disadvantaged communities, most of whom would not normally have any chance to take part in any organised sporting activity. We give children the chance to play and learn together in a safe and coach controlled environment. Khelo is not about finding the next great sporting superstars but giving children the chance to spend time with a good coach who is also a mentor who is able to support their growth and development.


As a result of their 10 years of experience with developing successful teams The Jungle Crows Foundation has begun to work with other teams to support their development. They deliver team development trainings that revolve around rugby and have found that they create personal development not only for the participants but also for their team of coaches who plan and deliver events. If you’re interested in learning the Jungle Crows philosophy of team culture you can get in touch with them at and discuss your needs!

We’re proud to highlight the Jungle Crows Foundation as our February Member of the Month! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter @junglecrowsfdn and head to their updated website for even more information and inspirational stories.


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