Member of the Month – CORD

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We are proud to recognize the Community Outreach Rugby Development program, or CORD, as our October Member of the Month! Incorporated as a Singapore non-profit in 2011, the CORD Program is a collaboration between the Centaurs Group and Ta’Moko Lions Rugby Football Club. They use five guiding principles of rugby – Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline, and Respect – to reach out to underserved children and young adults who come from broken homes, low income families, and troubled academic or lawless backgrounds in Singapore. Through rugby and the values inherent in the game they hope to positively influence their participants to grow into confident, well-rounded, team-oriented and capable young people who will contribute positively to the Singapore community.


Rugby is truly a multi-cultural sport, being played across the world by more than 4 million people! Exposure to these international cultures is just one benefit of rugby, and the boys from the CORD Program and Ta’Moko Lions RFC, inspired by some of the greatest rugby athletes in the world, took their team name, Ta’Moko, from the permanent body and face markings made by the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand. Passionate to learn more about this culture they also learned a traditional haka, the Ka’ Mate and have shared it with communities throughout Singapore. Check out their performance here!

In April of this year the CORD Program collaborated with two other GRC members, the Phuket Lomas from Asia Center Foundation  and Operation Breakthrough based in Hong Kong, to host a cultural exchange and rugby tournament. The Westpac tri-club Tournament brought together children from similar disadvantaged backgrounds in a rugby environment to showcase these three organisations and highlight the great work they are doing in their respective countries. The tournament was a great success, with all the children enjoying plenty of rugby and making new friends. We hope to see more regional collaborations like these in the future!


The CORD Program has been supported by DHL since their incorporation in 2011, however, they do much more than provide financial support for the program. CORD developed a job placement program to help their participants find internships and employment; this year DHL offered internships to CORD youth to give them opportunity to gain job experience and prepare them for future careers. What a great way to get involved with the young people of CORD! To become a member or to find more information about these great organizations visit



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