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Highlighted for September is the JAGFoundation who see sport as not just a game, but as a set of life lessons, and any child growing up without sport can be seen as disadvantaged. However, the children that JAG serves in South Africa are not not only deprived of access to sport; many of them are also growing up in a hostile environment of gangsterism, crime, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and unemployment. Illegal drug use in South Africa is currently twice the world norm and 1 in 10 high school learners have tried them. Understanding that alcohol and drugs are at the root of South Africa’s ills, the JAG Foundation’s aim is to offer positive alternatives, by using sport as a catalyst, in order to ‘create the change’. Leading a movement in the Western Cape, JAG Rugby is a youth development program committed to providing disadvantaged youth with the opportunity and resources to excel both on and off the field. Instilling a culture of dignity, the program goes far beyond sports development, assisting the children to live healthy, balanced lifestyles and encouraging them to excel in their school careers as well as develop strong interpersonal life skills. Watch the brief clip below to see some of their #rugby4good in action.

Amid the poverty and crime of many South African communities, some children who were once the victims of such gangsterism become the aggressors in the form of school yard bullies. The JAG Foundation seeks to address these social issues affecting young people and use rugby to tackle the problem of bullying through their Bully Proof Program. The foundation and its extensive network of mentors use a unique approach that involves removing the power of bullying, by equipping children with a positive mind-set and tools to ‘BullyProof’ themselves against abuse and the abusers. More than 11,000 children in grades 4 – 7 from 25 schools experience the JAG Bully Proof program each year, with 7,800 children having already gone through the complete program since 2009. Watch the video below to see the whole story.

JAG Foundation, together with its ambassadors, took up the challenge to attend 18 primary schools across the Western Cape on Friday 26 July 2013, between 8am and 12pm, in an effort to spread the BullyProof message of Standing UP and not Standing BY to over 6000 young children. On Friday 26th July JAG held South Africa’s first national Bullying Awareness Day. The Bully Proof team along with their Bully Proof ambassadors visited 17 schools in Cape Town talking to each school about bullying. We saw over 6000 children in 4 hours. This day was a huge success and another great opportunity for #rugby4good.

JAG BullyProof

The JAG Foundation, has made its Anti-Bullying program, JAGBullyProof, available to schools and institutions in manual form, to run and implement as a school initiative free of charge! They are also working to spread awareness about bullying and it’s effects through a BullyProof purple sock campaign. Purple, being the color of the bruise, is the color associated with the fight against bullying and the funds generated from their sale go towards the expansion and continued work of JAGBullyProof with children in underprivileged communities. Comment here or contact if your organization is interested in helping kids become BullyProof!


Thanks to the JAGFoundation for all it’s work in the rugby4good space to “Create the Change.” We wish them continued success and look forward to collaborating with them in the future!


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    • The Global Rugby Collaborative promoted the JAG Foundation on social media platforms to highlight their incredible bullying awareness work in South Africa. Reaching over 1000 people throughout the month we hope these promotional efforts will facilitate networking opportunities and provide legitimacy for the organization and for rugby as a social change agent. Thanks for your support!

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