Together, Creating a Better World through Rugby

Young people across the world are suffering from social exclusion, gang violence, lack of resources for education and health, and diminished community integration and cohesion. Rugby for Good (R4G) projects around the world have sprung up to address and combat these challenges using rugby to provide choices and create opportunities. However, R4G projects throughout the world still struggle, operating in isolation, scrambling for resources, expertise and support. One of these proven social change agents, Play Rugby USA, has taken the lead to establish the Global Rugby Collaborative (GRC) which seeks to unite R4G practitioners across the globe in a free, membership-based collaborative that creates synergy, energy and opportunity for these programs and the young people they serve. In short, we will exist in the hopes of Together, Creating a Better World Through Rugby.

What is the Global Rugby Collaborative?

The purpose of GRC is to serve R4G projects across the globe through the enhanced relationships, stature and dynamism that comes from strategically pooling our knowledge, influence, and talents. The GRC exists to benefit organizations and individuals involved in the delivery of organized R4G projects across the world and seeks to showcase and promote organized youth rugby as a uniquely feasible and positive community asset.




View a presentation about the GRC here!

Members will be able to access knowledge, share experiences and develop relationships with other R4G practitioners from around the world, which may result in new regional & international opportunities for their participants and stakeholders. Acting as a grassroots needs aggregator, R4G projects will be elevated with a view to securing global level support from corporations and foundations to pass back support services to GRC members which could include mentoring and human resource training and exchange, in-kind donations, program development, and capacity building support . By collaborating, R4G organizations will instantly achieve a stature and status that commands more media attention, funding opportunities, market influence and buying power.

To achieve this the GRC will:


bolster the community through grant-based resources and opportunities



pool knowledge capital, influence, and talents to benefit all members



secure and strengthen partnerships and resources to meet member needs



promote organized youth rugby as a positive & influential community asset



distribute knowledge, experience, and resources to all R4G projects


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  1. I recently found out about your fantastic cooperative. I lived in Uganda for the past 4 years one of the reasons I came back was to raise awareness and money for my Girls Rugby team called Entebbe Sharks. Please see my latest donation appeal below ://www.betterplace.org/de/fundraising-events/entebbesharksoye
    I would like to cooperate with you to learn more from you but maybe I can also assist. Cant wait to hear from you. Anne

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